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Reason for Being

Young Professionals of Bartlesville (YP Bartlesville) seeks to promote and preserve the businesses, attractions and events that make Bartlesville unique. The organization provides a forum for professional networking, development and social events. The members represent a unified and credible voice for young professionals on community issues, with an emphasis on enrichment and quality-of-life opportunities. Our members are professionals from age 21 to the young-at-heart in the Bartlesville area.

YPB General Membership

Becoming a General Member provides you with a great way to get involved with the Young Professionals around Bartlesville. And the best part is it only costs a mere $25 per year! Benefits for General Members include: Opportunity to network with other YPBs at our monthly happy hours, receiving membership newsletters to stay informed of YPB news and events, a YPB Loyalty card with discounts to local businesses, professional development seminars at free/reduced cost, and the ability to give back to our community through various community service events sponsored by YPB. Please see our Membership Benefits page for more information. If you are interested in an becoming a General Member please contact us.

Read our Articles of Association.

YPB Associate Members

Associate Memberships are a great way for community leaders to support the Young Professionals of Bartlesville without making any ridged time commitments. Annual dues of $100 a year go directly towards our community-building efforts, and regular event attendance is appreciated but not required. Benefits for Associate Members include: Supporting the development of Bartlesville’s Future Leaders, receiving membership newsletters to stay informed of YPB news and events, having the opportunity to speak and network with members at one of the quarterly general meetings and improving the quality of life for Bartlesville Young Professionals. If you are interested in an Associate Membership please visit our Join Us page for more information!

2016 – 2017 Associate Members include:

  • John Ford
  • Earl Sears
  • Bob Pomeroy
  • Julie Daniels
  • David Kedy
  • Thad Friedman
  • Jenny Brown
  • Lori Roll
  • Shawn Crawford
  • Kelly Diven
  • Chris Oldroyd
  • Liz Fugate
  • Brian Lawrence
  • Kent Stroman

Annual Events

Whether you are native to Bartlesville or brand new to town, YPB is your resource for connecting with the community through volunteer projects, non-profit organizations, boards, city and state government questions, community service opportunities, and social activities.

Some annual events YPB puts on, participates in or volunteers at include:

  • H.O.T. Street Party
  • Mary Martha
  • Legislative Golf Tournament
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Hops for Hope – Ray of Hope Advocacy Center
  • Bell Ringing – Salvation Army
  • Harley Party – Boys & Girls Club of Bartlesville
  • City Serve
  • Chamber Business After Hours


1. How do you define “Young”?

“Young” means different things in different communities. For YPB, young means 21-44, or young at heart. This means that if you are close to that 44 year mark but feel like you are 29 then we want you to join us. YPB is about getting people engaged in the community and you are never too old to do that!

2. How do you define “Professional”?

YPB members include people employed in and around our community. There is no set interpretation of the word “Professional”.

3. Do I have to be a member of the Chamber to participate in YPB?

Simply stated – NO!

4. How much is it going to cost me?

YPB is being offered for the low, low price of $25 per year. There are many benefits that come with a general membership. Please see our Membership Benefits page for more information.

5. When are the meetings?

You say meetings, we say gatherings! YPB will have several gatherings a month — check out the “Calendar” section of the website for upcoming events!


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