Our Associate Members

Associate Membership is a great way for community leaders to support the Young Professionals of Bartlesville without making any ridged time commitments. Annual dues of $100 a year go directly towards our community-building efforts, and regular event attendance is appreciated but not required. Benefits for Associate Members include: Supporting the development of Bartlesville’s Future Leaders, receiving membership newsletters to stay informed of YPB news and events, having the opportunity to speak and network with members at one of the quarterly general meetings and improving the quality of life for Bartlesville Young Professionals. If you are interested in an Associate Membership please visit our Join Us page for more information!

Our Associate Members for 2018-2019.  Thank you so much for supporting us!
  • Nathan Barham
  • Matt Bretz
  • Jenny Brown
  • Jill Carse
  • Lisa Cary
  • Julie Daniels
  • Kelly Diven
  • Liz Fugate
  • Scott Holz
  • Sharon Hurst
  • Karen Leinen
  • Rick Loyd
  • Doann Nguyen
  • Bob Pomeroy
  • Sonya Reed
  • Billie Roane 
  • Christie Roberts
  • Rick Rutledge
  • Earl Sears
  • Kent Stroman
  • Deb Taylor
  • Sherri Wilt
  • Ken  Wright
  • Sarah Zimmerman
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  • Membership dues automatically renew annually. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding automatic renewal.